Infusion Skincare is here to support you with clinically clean non-invasive skincare treatments and products. For full body wellness integrative massage therapy can relax you body and mind. Not feeling your best? Let me help you relax and get that healthy glow! 

 Would you like to do something for your skin's appearance but would like to avoid expensive painful and possibly harmful medical procedures? There are alternatives! SWICH dermal rejuvenation and microcurrent facials revive your skin without damage or downtime. 

Is your skin in need of clearing? Extraction facials, high frequency, and oxygen treatments to the rescue! 
Affordable homecare products keep your skin looking good and you feeling confident! 

Do you have rosacea or sensitivity? I have products and treatments designed to meet your needs and calm your inflammation. 

Got stress? Can't sleep? Massage therapy is proven to lower cortisol levels, decrease pain, improve circulation, reduce stress and boost the immune system. With 25 years of experience as a massage therapist and I can confirm this! I am accepting a limited number of monthly full body aroma stone massage clients. Book with me while you can! 

I will work to empower you with knowledge so you don't have to be lost and confused by impersonal skincare advice. I will address your specific skincare concerns as they evolve thru the seasons and as you mature.  We will improve the appearance of your skin, make you feel confident and look radiant and get you the exactly right product to most effectively address your concerns. At the same time, you will have a relaxing, caring and nurturing spa experience with a seasoned professional who wants the best for you and can guide you to ultimate skin health and relaxation. 


Infusion Skincare helps you become relaxed and radiant. Our skincare offerings have a holistic basis and seek to help you by providing a nurturing experience for your mind and body, while giving you a results-driven skincare plan using non-invasive procedures and homecare that is clean and targeted towards making your skin it's healthy glowing best.

Soothing massage, relaxation and healthy skin are all on the menu! We can work together to get the results you want for your face and body in a healthy, clinically-clean, and non-invasive way. Your services are always tailored to your needs and your preferences and needs are always kept in mind for each session.


Massage sessions integrate multiple modalities such as hot stone, aromatherapy, cupping, reflexology, lymphatic drainage to help you downshift into the relaxation and restoration that you need. TMJ massage therapy helps release and relax the jaw muscle from clenching and grinding, as well as helping with headaches and neck pain. 

Specialized extended facial massage techniques such as Bellanina Facelift Massage, Neolifting Facelifting massage, gua sha, and lymphatic drainage are used in facial services to naturally enhance your skins beauty. 

Located inside Dragonfly360 Wellness, we are here to provide you with the best support for your well-being and self-care goals.